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    Please submit one application for each dog who you would like to have in off-leash play
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  • Off leash play with dogs has it risk. Even though The Valley Pet Resort and Spa strives to provide the cleanest and safest environment for my dog, he/she may still be at risk of contracting communicable diseases such as the Canine Papilloma Virus (Puppy Warts), or the Bordetella virus, as well as injuries during playtime like broken nails, sore pads, puncture wounds, abrasions and parasites.
  • The evaluation of your dog is a 3 part process. The written application is part one. If upon review of your application we feel your dog may be a good fit, we will schedule an evaluation. The evaluation consists of part 2 "human" interaction and part 3 "dog" interaction. All dogs must pass all 3 parts to be accepted into our daycare program. Thank you very much for your interest in doggie daycare at The Valley Pet Resort and Spa.